She tried pesto for the first time. Imagine that, 92 years old and she never tried pesto. A night of heterosexual intercourse. In fact, it was a box of Oscar’s legally obtained medical marijuana. Primo bud. Real sticky weed. She wanted to look 48. I nearly airbrushed her into oblivion. Ended up checking “albino” on the form. If I wanted something your thumb touched, I’d eat the inside of your ear. Hey, it was one night of wild passion! And yet you didn’t notice her body? I like to look in the mirror. Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb.


I will pack your sweet pink mouth with so much ice cream you’ll be the envy of every Jerry and Jane on the block! Michael, I’m your older brother. I’ll never be proud of you. George Bush doesn’t care about black puppets. [Stabbing Gob] White power! Gob: I’m white! Buster, what are you doing with mother’s rape horn? I [bleeped] the business model. Yeah, she had all kinds of orgasms. I run a pretty tight ship around here. With a pool table. It’s a gaming ship.

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